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In late 1977, a UK television station, “Southern Television” was interrupted by an audio broadcast. A static-y, strange voice claimed to be from the Ashtar Galactic Command, and his name was “Vrillon.” Vrillon’s message was to command Earth’s world leaders to destroy our weapons and live in peace, because our time on Earth was already short.

Widely considered a hoax, and not actually aliens (surprise), the transmission was actually traced to a transmitter in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire. The interruption is still pretty creepy though! 

Webm VS Gif Test Results



I allowed each page 10 seconds to stabilise so not to count the loading cycles.

Firstly, this was Firefox with a single tab open on Google’s home page.


The 0 is it’s CPU percentage, the MiB is it’s RAM. Normal is the priority and 10869 is the process ID which is irrelevant to the test.

Next, we see Firefox with a single tab open, this time on my gif page.


Finally, this was Webm test.


10 six second webm videos on loop and auto play.

guess you’re right about the decoder, i’m kinda surprised it’s taking 10x the cpu compared to the gifs but i guess that makes sense since gifs don’t really require that much decoding

I think the reason is because while gifs have motion, they are still just an image. Images are decoded and then they are done with, it is out of the browser’s hands. It’s effectively just a slide show.

Videos on the other hand are actively decoded due to the various options and the way videos work. They are intended to play and intended to stop. Videos don’t loop by default meaning they have to manually be brought back to their first frame. They also have audio to process as even in silent videos such as the ones I used, they still had the sound container in the code.

The image decoder works on an image and moves on but the video decoder has to have multiple instances of itself as it has to work full time while a video is playing. That’s why there was the huge increase in memory and CPU cycles. If the videos weren’t looping or on auto play, it wouldn’t be a problem, the problem arises when using them as gifs because they aren’t designed to do that and so are highly unoptimised for such a purpose.

I’ve worked a lot with low level optimisations and SDL and working with a GIF is just like a PNG at SDL level so it will be like that for the browser.

Gifs are obsolete and do need replacing but it needs to be by another image format.

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