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  • C major:

    What instrument(s) do you play?

  • c minor:

    What discourages you about studying music?

  • C♯ major:

    What do you love about your teacher?

  • c♯ minor:

    What are you jealous of in other players?

  • D major:

    Who is your favourite composer and why?

  • d minor:

    What performance do you wish you had never heard?

  • E♭major:

    What attracts you to studying music?

  • e♭minor:

    What is your most mortifying performance moment?

  • E major:

    What part of your playing are you most proud of?

  • e minor:

    What is the most difficult thing about your instrument?

  • F major:

    What was the most memorable performance you ever attended?

  • f minor:

    Would you give up music? What would be the reason?

  • F♯major:

    What is your proudest performance moment?

  • f♯ minor:

    What is your greatest music-related fear?

  • G major:

    What is your favourite thing about your instrument?

  • g minor:

    What are your bad practicing habits?

  • A♭major:

    Where do you see yourself in ten years?

  • a♭minor:

    What is your least favourite part of your musical community?

  • A major:

    What is the greatest music-related advice you've ever been given?

  • a minor:

    What instrument(s) do you wish you played?

  • B♭major:

    What is your favourite part of practicing?

  • b♭minor:

    What aspect of your teacher frustrates you?

  • B major:

    What is your favourite part of your musical community?

  • b minor:

    Who is your least favourite composer and why?

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