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Artwork for myself. In our lifes we have moments when we go to sleep, dream.. It is another world, where we are not alone and where we are resting. We touching smg special, which we only know.. It is our world. World of dreams.

In this world I’m rest, and I’m not alone as in real life without friends and close people. I have only this dream world.. 


This is the scheme that shows “ideal relationship” between different types.

Here’s the legend:

Id: same type; one is the image of the other one

C.ioncompanion; they have similar ways of expression, good reciprocal      company

En:enigma; they are totally unrelated in almost every aspect

Palfriend, pal; they work well together, the conflict is minimal and natural

Supsupplement; like Pal, but the functions are more removed: one can increase the other’s power

Ansoul; the functions are reversed, those that one uses in a conscious way, the other uses in an unconscious way and back

Tr: tribe; they share the same sense of culture, but with different interests and abilities

Nonovelty; intriguingly different

C.entcomplement; compatible forces with opposite emphasis

Suiroommate; a person who you can share the office with. You like similar spaces, but you have little in common about goals and vision of the world

Adadviser; one has an introspection area that the other one misses

Neineighbour; you get the same conclusions with different processes

Concontrast; every function is used in a different way

Cohaccomplice; mutually involved in experiences and adventures

Pedpedagogue; one is mentor and student of the other one, there’s a parent-child relationship

Coucounterpart; they use similar functions in totally different habitats

Please note! This is a translation from Italian done by a 16-years-old girl, so you can find some mistakes. Take it easy!

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(Source: a-mad-slytherin-in-a-tardis)

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