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Why D&D can’t write woman part one(x)


  • is reduced to the depressing stereotype of “strange foreign seductress with evil morals”.
  • mock davos for his son’s death.
  • taunts davos and pretty much blames the battle of blackwater on him.
  • has an evil vagina.
  • is reduced to nothing more than a nice ass and a mad woman.
  • seduces stannis.
  • actually gets naked at all apart from the birthing scene.
  • pretty much only used to be a sexual object or an antagonistic socio-path.
  • manipulates selyse into madness.
  • taunts maester cressen, and gives him a smug look as he dies.
  • is shown as “evil” when allowing people to burn, while daenerys is shown as a “hero” when doing so.


  • never mocks maester cressen, is never cruel to him.
  • knows that cressen wants to poison her, but tells him that he doesn’t have to, giving him an outlet and a choice.
  • is friendly with selyse, but doesn’t manipulate her into madness.
  • doesn’t manipulate selyse into burning her own brother.
  • is only implied to have slept with stannis.
  • offers her condolences to davos for his loss.
  • actually respects ser davos.
  • her drive of helping stannis and saving the realm is a lot more proufound.
  • is much more than a sex object with questionable morals.
  • is regarded as a very beautiful woman, but not a sex object.
  • makes devan stay at the wall, cause she wishes not for davos to lose any more sons.
  • doesn’t care that davos never swears to harm her.
  • is the only one to visit davos when he is imprisoned.
  • is actually a human being, with human emotions.
  • doesn’t blame davos for stannis’ loss at the blackwater, cause davos was not the once to convince stannis not to bring her along.
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