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It’s copyleft so feel free to modify the gif, download it, share it, reupload it, etc.

Went to Chester Zoo the other day and took loads of photos on my phone. Got a few videos as well and thought this one was particularly good and so decided to have a go at making it a gif. Quite proud of it considering it is my first ever gif even though it is a bit low quality due to how much I’ve had to shrink it down to fit Tumblr’s gif guidelines.

Footage taken at Chester Zoo
Filmed on my Samsung Galaxy S3
Video editing done in Kdenlive (GNU/Linux, Mac, FreeBSD)
Gif rendered with Qgifer (GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD)
Gif editing done with GIMP (GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD)

(Source: kervate)

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