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Firstly, let me just say that if anybody is offended by this, that is not my intention and I welcome debate and discussion on this.

I was thinking earlier and I came onto the subject of Ancient Rome. I am not a Christian and so do not believe in Jesus Christ, however, I was curious as to how the Bible or Christians in general explain the following.

Basically, as an example, I’ll use the feeding of the five thousand miracle. Now at the time Jesus was supposedly active, the Romans ruled the province of Judea and the surrounding areas and while a date is not given for Jesus’ miracle it was around this time that the Romans had been campaigning in Germania, Egypt, Iberia as well as other places and Rome had been “built anew” on Augustus’ command. As well as this, the Romans had to deal with the logistics of their now large empire and army.

The Romans knew what happened in their empire and if somebody saw a miracle, news of it would spread like wild fire which brings me to my thoughts.

Why would the Romans just ignore somebody reputed to be able to feed thousands from a small portion, who could heal major ailments and raise the dead, and even walk upon water?

Such power in the hands of Rome would have made their already strong army invincible, famine and disease would have become a thing of the past for Rome. They would have been able to totally conquer Germania and even turn their attention to Parthia again.

It is truly strange that Rome wouldn’t have tried to use Jesus’ powers for their own benefit and extremely strange that those in Rome don’t even seem to have been aware of him.

Stranger still that the Romans adopted Christianity hundreds of years later when the miracles were not occurring than at the time when it was happening.

This leads me to believe that if Jesus did actually exist he carried out no miracles and the tales of his miracles come from fabrication years later which contributed to somebody who was most likely a mere priest becoming deified.

All the Gods Exist - My Theory

Apologies in advance for any mistakes I may have missed and things like that. If you are interested in religion, history (ancient) and theories I’d really appreciate if you had a read. Thank you.

After finishing one of the books I bought in Dorset a few days ago on the subject of ancient Peru, such as the Chavin, the Moche and the Inca I came up with a theory.

The name of the Chavin’s jaguar god is lost as they didn’t write. Neither did the Moche and neither their gods or their kings are recorded. The kings were revered as gods and ruled as god kings. When they felt they were dying, they would go into hiding and have the people told they had ascended to heaven as gods.

The god king is also seen in places such as Ancient Egypt, Persia and even Ancient Rome in which many emperors were declared gods by the senate after their death. The origin of many of the gods of this world are unknown coming from a time before writing and interestingly, many early kings and queens are forgotten due to lack of writing.

The Sumerian King List has many of the early rulers reigning and living for thousands of years and similarly, the Bible describes many of its early figures as reaching great ages.

Also of interest is that most religions hold that the gods once walked the earth. For example, Horus was considered the first pharaoh and the Inca (used in the original context of referring only to the emperor) claimed descent of the sun god. Also interesting is that according to mythology and stories, Ra left this world and ascended to the heaven’s because “the people were too wicked”; an explanation that would prove extremely effective when addressing people who already revered them as a god.

Another factor is that nearly all if not all organized religions that revere a god or gods originated in areas with god kings or other extremely powerful emperors and rulers.

EDIT: When they conquered enemies, the Inca told their new subjects they could keep their old gods if they accepted the supremacy of the sun god. Could easily be constructed as they can retain a level of autonomy and their own kings if they paid homage to the Inca.

TLDR; My theory summed up is as follows:

What if the gods really did exist. Ra, Thor, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, Jehovah… Isis, Baal, Hera… What if they were once god kings and queens from a time before writing. Forever immortalized as deities. God kings and god queens who held real power. The power to take life. The power to give life. Totally revered by their people.

Thou shalt have no other Kings before me

Got a QI book earlier with loads of facts in it. Apparently Saint Christopher, patron saint of traveling lost his sainthood in 1969. I looked up to see if I could find out why and apparently it was because the Catholic church reviewed all saints and removed any that didn’t have adequate historical evidence.

No offense intended to Catholics but isn’t most of the stuff they accept and go by without historical evidence anyway?

Can we just take a moment to accept the world isn’t as bad as everyone likes to make out?

Whenever you feel like you’re tired and have been ran off of your feet, think of Harold Godwinson’s army.

Whenever you complain about it being too hot and how you are “boiling”, think of the crusaders.

Whenever you feel ill and complain that you are “literally dying”, think of Europe in 1348-1350.

Whenever you feel scared and feel like the world is about to crash around you, think of the Mongol Invasions.

Whenever you feel persecuted or as if everyone is out to get you, think of the inquisition and the witch hunts.

What Would You Do?

Imagine you discovered the lost crown jewels of King John.

You have two choices, you can either:

  1. Sell the jewels on for a massive profit (totally legally) to the highest bidder
  2. You can freely give the crown jewels back to the royal family in which case you’ll recieve a peerage giving you a title of nobility

What would you do?

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