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bearsona4 asked:

When you get this you must say 5 things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite blogs

Thank you for saying I am one of your favourite blogs bearsona4!

Hmmm, 5 things…

  1. I’m the executive director of a computing company
  2. I use Linux
  3. I have multiple inner voices (I call them thought channels) which I can use simultaneously (count backwards, play a song in my head, imagine pictures, etc.)
  4. I’m a published poet (I don’t do poetry any more though)
  5. I can’t write by hand

So I found out there was an open source program for designing and simulating rockets… I know very little about rocket design but there is my first attempt.

I had the whole thing made from titanium… As far as I can tell it worked okay!

Random Aesthethic Generator










so i did a thing

pastel dragon forest trash
this is the most accurate thing I could have possibly gotten

cosmic lolita summer deity….. huh

hell devastating nightmare chic…ohkay.  Super goth phase it is!

Fruity carnival wannabe revolutionary.


I want a redo.

gay pirate sick royalty

ok i used my nick name at first this time i used my full first name

dark raggedy metropolitan chic…..that’ll do

gay anarchist slacker superhero
firey dragon demon chic

plain broke retro chic

 - or - 

hell gunpowder skeleton hobo

plain nocturnal lesbian vampire

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